Episode 5 - You Get What We Give You

First off, this is another old recording that didn't get posted for way too long. We make it up to you by adding on our sweet new music intro by our one and only Terry G. Check out his Facebook Page and his YouTube Channel

Mikey and Mike open with another apology for taking so long to update, jumping in with some thoughts about Uber, some news about Mikey's parents and then getting into their faith in humanity. All of this, of course, comes with the usual bullshit in between. Enjoy!

Episode 4 - Don't Fuck It Up

Holy late updates Batman! I think this one was recorded sometime in November of 2015 and its taken until NOW to get uploaded. So all I can say is.. I'm over it. To be honest, I don't even know if I've EQ'd this or anything. So here ya go! Have fun and thanks for listening! 


Episode 3 - Shameless Shout-outs

Episode 3! Mike and Mikey talk how neither of them like where they live, more movie theatre etiquette, moustaches and the zombification of the human race. Another segment of "Fuck That Guy" and a bunch of shout outs. 

Thanks for listening!

Episode 2 - Smooth Segways

Episode 2 is live! We officially have more than one episode! Join Mikey and Mike as they talk about change at a recent banquet, their childhood videogame rivalry, nose pickers and MORE! 

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Thanks for listening! 

Episode 1 - Yeah, Fuck 'em!

Episode 1 is LIVE! 

Welcome to the maiden voyage of Mike and Mikey's first podcast. Join these weird fuckers as they talk about their history, cards against humanity, movie theatre etiquette and super soakers. 

Thanks for listening!